The ‘Four Horsemen’

Four Horsemen

The ‘Four Horsemen’

When it comes to the ravages of the body that accompany chronic illness and ageing, what we are offered by our Western healthcare system is primarily palliative treatment and managed decline. As one who is undoubtedly in the final decades of my life (as far as I know, death is still not optional), that is not an offer that warms my heart. I would far prefer to thrive for the remaining time that I have, and then quietly and quickly take my leave.

You may think that this is an unrealistic expectation in our modern world, and yet it is not so for many populations that live in the same manner that their ancestors did. The residents of Kitava, a part of the Trobriand Islands group in Papua New Guinea, are one of several examples. Staffan Lindeberg in Food and Western Disease describes how the elderly Kitavans remain active and vital right up until the end of their lives, when they “begin to suffer fatigue for a few days and then die from what appears to be an infection or some type of rapid degeneration” (my italics). It appears that this is the natural model of the latter years of life – unless and until a Western diet and lifestyle is introduced. So rather than looking to find cures for each individual modern-day illness, it makes a whole lot more sense to look for the elements in our modern environment that are causing the unnatural conditions of chronic illness and early ageing.

Evolution exquisitely designed the mammalian body, including us humans, to respond to its surrounding environment and to alter the functioning of body systems as conditions change as a means of survival. If our body systems are malfunctioning, which is a good definition of chronic illness, then it makes sense to look at the environment around us for clues to the cause and cure. Rather than looking at which gene is involved in those functional changes, let’s look at what that gene is responding to. In the search for what we have so altered in our modern environment that we have the healthcare crises that we are facing today, four major areas of misalignment are identified which I call the ‘Four Horsemen of the Chronic Illness Apocalypse’: diet, light, electromagnetism and water.

In my book Reboot Yourself! A Non-Geek’s Guide to Reversing Chronic Illness and Early Ageing I describe the science behind each of these Four Horsemen, how modern-day changes in each of these areas are creating misalignments with how our bodies are designed to function, and what we can do to reverse the negative health impacts they are creating. We don’t have to live as the Kitavans do to enjoy good health through our latter years, but it will require making some changes – and not necessarily the ones that you might expect.

On this website you will find over time a series of blog posts about each of the Four Horsemen. You will be able to identify them by the symbol at the top of the post:   

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If you want to see all posts for a particular theme you can search using that keyword. My book, my workshops, and my evening courses are all centred on these four themes. If you can implement changes in any – better yet, all – of these areas, you will be challenging the chronic illness irreversibility myth through your own experience. This is an evolving story, both in its writing and in its discovery. I invite you to join me in exploring how attending to the Four Horsemen can help you to help your body to repair and restore itself and to thrive.