Back to the Future

BackToTheFutureNo, I don’t mean through the means of some souped-up sports car cum time machine! There will be no going back to the childhood of our parents, as in the movie of the same name – although we would be in significantly better shape going back even that far, in terms of our health.

No, what I am referring to here is finding the seeds of our future health by going back to our evolutionary roots. Our species survived millions of years of evolution, not through some fluke or luck of nature, but because of the human body’s great ability to adapt to changes in our environment. It turns out, though, that our great adaptability is both a blessing and a curse, particularly in our modern technological world.

I doubt anyone would argue against the idea that we are facing an unprecedented decline in overall health in the Western world. Conditions that were rare only a generation or two ago – Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, autism, ADHD, type 2 diabetes, childhood obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases including MS, infertility, and more – are now exploding in Western countries, and occurring at younger and younger ages with each generation. The economic cost and human toll is set to be staggering. The Western healthcare model – as brilliant as it is for addressing acute conditions such as trauma – seems helpless to know how to stem the tide of these chronic conditions.

Perhaps a look back into our evolutionary history will uncover some answers as to why this explosion of modern-day decline in health is happening. Humans evolved within a range of environmental conditions that bear no resemblance to the conditions of our modern world. We no longer adapt to our natural environment. Instead, we have changed our environment to create comfort, convenience, and ease of living. The pace of these changes has been phenomenal – many of them occurring over the space of my lifetime and yours!

Why is all this explosion of chronic illness and early ageing happening? Could we have so drastically change our environment in ways that are creating the conditions for our downward-spiralling health? Looking at our modern-day world through an evolutionary lens, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” That is what this website – and my new book Reboot Yourself! A Non-Geek’s Guide to Reversing Chronic Illness and Early Ageing – are dedicated to: telling the amazing story about how our human body is designed to function and to self-heal, and how we have changed our conditions of living in ways that are out of alignment with how we were designed through millions of years of evolution. It is a sobering story – and a very hopeful one – because it points to changes that we can make to reverse the effects and to ‘Reboot’ our systems to factory settings.

Stay tuned for more of the story!

About the Author

Dr. Gerilynn Moline is the owner of Evolutionary Reboot®, an educational business based on the principles of evolutionary health and nutrition. Through workshops and coaching, she teaches people how to reverse chronic illness and early ageing by realigning their environment to their biology, allowing the body's natural healing process to work.

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