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‘ReBoot Camp’

ReBoot Camp is a 4-day educational workshop held over two weekends with 3-4 weeks in between. In this workshop, participants will learn about the present-day mismatches in our diet and environment that have been definitively linked to modern-day decline in health, and how to make lifestyle changes that can significantly halt and, in many cases, reverse the disease process.  No two people are the same, so participants are guided in developing individualised plans for themselves.  

Participants will learn to apply an ‘Evolutionary Lens’ to their own diet and environment in order to:

  • Identify dietary and environmental misalignments that contribute to the downward spiral of chronic illness and early ageing;
  • Learn how to make changes that realign your diet and environment with your evolutionary biology;
  • Learn how to gather data and monitor the impact of dietary and environmental changes during the workshop and beyond;
  • Learn how to become Evolutionary ReBoot detectives.

‘The Four Horsemen of the Modern-Day Health Apocalypse’

The Four Horsemen is a series of 4 evening classes that focus on teaching participants about four areas of our modern-day environment and lifestyle that have been shown to be contributing to the explosion of chronic illness and early ageing in our Western societies. You will likely find these topics surprising, as this new science is beyond what we are being taught by our current healthcare system. Each class will focus on one of the ‘Four Horsemen’, providing participants the following:

  • the background science (presented in a non-geeky manner!);
  • an understanding of how misalignments in our diet and environment with how our bodies evolved are creating a downward health spiral;
  • suggestions for how to realign our environment to halt or reverse chronic illness and early ageing.

Follow On Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are offered to those who have attended either the ReBoot Camp or the Four Horsemen series of classes. The purpose of the coaching is to:

  • provide clients with a greater understanding of how our modern-day environment impacts health and wellbeing;
  • assist clients to identify misalignments in their own diets and environments;
  • assist clients to identify lifestyle changes for improving health, tailored to their own circumstances;
  • assist clients to break through roadblocks they may encounter while implementing the changes they have identified.