Calling for a New Paradigm

Reboot Yourself by Gerilynne R. Moline

“We in the Western world (and perhaps you as an individual) are facing an unprecedented decline in health, even as life expectancy and the average standard of living are both increasing. It seems that almost every other day there is a new headline in the newspapers about some aspect of this health crisis and its current or future financial costs…”


“What if your state of health is not all your fault? What if you’re doing your best but you have faulty information? What if obesity and chronic illness are simply information about misalignments and what if there’s a realignment that can restore health? What if there’s a reset button that can reboot our systems to ‘factory settings’ and restore us to optimal health?

I believe that the answer to these questions is, “Yes”. And that gives us reason for great hope.”

 – Gerilynn R. Moline – Reboot Yourself! A Non-Geek’s Guide to Reversing Chronic Illness and Early Ageing

If you, or someone you love, is suffering from chronic illness – if you’ve tried everything you know or have been told to do and still find yourself on that downward health spiral, feeling older than your years – then the answers to those “What if…” questions might interest you. Maya Angelou once said, “We do better when we know better.” We humans are a powerful, creative force that has the ingenuity and wherewithal to create our salvation and our demise, when it comes to our health. Which scenario we create depends on the information we are working with. A collective, tightly held set of beliefs is called a paradigm – which becomes a lens for looking at situations and a guide for making choices about that situation.

The Western healthcare system has just such a paradigm, a set of beliefs that guide the direction of research, public health policy, funding priorities, standards of care and, ultimately, our healthcare options. If the paradigm is incomplete or inaccurate, then we are looking and spending and prioritising in the wrong direction. I believe that is exactly what is happening with our healthcare system, and why it is seemingly helpless to stem the tide of our exploding health crisis.

When we know better, we do better. And we can know better, but only if the current paradigm is challenged and the wealth of new research that challenges that paradigm finds its way into mainstream understanding and into the hands of you and me. That is the purpose of my book, my website, and my business – to empower you with information that you can use to take charge of your own health and wellbeing, alongside the best of what Western medicine shines at delivering.

About the Author

Dr. Gerilynn Moline is the owner of Evolutionary Reboot®, an educational business based on the principles of evolutionary health and nutrition. Through workshops and coaching, she teaches people how to reverse chronic illness and early ageing by realigning their environment to their biology, allowing the body's natural healing process to work.

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