Many people are now aware of the exponentially increasing rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysregulation, dementias, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, infertility and more over the past 40-50 years — diseases that are not only increasing in frequency but occurring at a younger age with each generation.  Western medicine seems to be unable or unwilling to look at the trends as a whole and to connect the dots between massive changes in our environment (including what we put in our bodies) and the increasing incidence of disease over that same time period.  

Gerry has personally experienced and observed in others attempts to ‘do the right things’ as directed by the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the Western healthcare system, only to fail again and again to achieve sustained health and reversal of disease in spite of our best efforts and the advice of medical and nutritional experts.  It is both heart-breaking to observe and frustrating to experience.

A large volume of research over the past two decades converges on a very sobering conclusion:  there are fundamental misalignments between our modern-day external environment and how our biology has been designed to function optimally through millions of years of evolution. The bad news is that these misalignments are creating the conditions for chronic illness and early ageing. Our great ingenuity has created the seeds of our undoing, it appears.

The Good News

The human body is designed to heal itself, as evidenced by our ability to survive all these millennia through a wide range of conditions. Our evolutionary design has given us inbuilt repair and regeneration systems that can be restored once we know how. By identifying and correcting modern-day misalignments, those natural healing systems can be ‘rebooted’ to functioning the way nature intended, back to our ‘factory settings’.  The mission of Evolutionary Reboot is to distil this new information emerging from the fields of evolutionary health and quantum biology into a message that is understandable to a non-scientific audience in order to make it more widely accessible – for the purpose of enabling others to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

We can’t bend our biology to suit our environment, but we can alter our environment to suit our biology. Gerry teaches her clients how to use an evolutionary lens to identify changes in nutrition and lifestyle that can help them to reverse their downward-spiralling health.  She brings together her broad experience as a nurse, a research scientist, a transformational coach and trainer, and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®-Practitioner.

Gerry is the author of ‘Reboot Yourself! A Non-Geeks Guide to Reversing Chronic Illness and Early Ageing’.