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The Riviera in your living room

The ‘Riviera’ in Your Living Room

We hear a great deal about Climate Change and how our human activities have been altering global temperatures, weather patterns, and ice caps. These changes are likely to have long-term implications

The Great 'Gorilla Biscuit' Experiment

The Great ‘Gorilla Biscuit’ Experiment

The Agricultural Revolution brought mankind the ability to grow food crops in vast volumes, in particular, the grains that have come to dominate the Western diet. The Industrial Revolution brought us the ability to manufacture oils from seeds (corn, soybean, etc.), to create new plant varieties by altering their DNA, to use chemical extraction methods […]

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A Metabolic Paradox: Obese and Starving

Anyone who has struggled with trying to lose weight by the orthodox methods that our healthcare system promotes, or even by the unorthodox methods that are the purview of weight loss gurus and Hollywood stars – with the net result being a yo-yo-ing and ultimately disheartening experience – will have experienced this metabolic paradox. You […]


Let The Sunshine In

Anyone who is an avid gardener knows something about the effects of sunlight on all of those living things that plant their roots in the Earth and stretch their branches to the sky. They take water from the soil plus carbon dioxide from the air, and combine them to create the carbohydrates that form the […]

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

There are many conditions that are given the labels “irreversible” or “incurable”. When looking through the lens of the Western medical approach, these conditions are indeed irreversible and incurable…

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swimming in the soup

Swimming in the Soup

How do we know what to do when faced with some of the countless decisions that we make every day? I think it is safe to say that the majority of us fall back on ‘conventional wisdom’ many times a day.

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