About Gerry

Gerilynne R. MolineDr. Gerilynn Moline is the owner of Evolutionary Reboot, an educational business offering seminars, workshops and coaching to the general public about the principles of evolutionary health and nutrition. She is also qualified as a Functional Diagnostics Nutrition-Practitioner. Her mission is to teach people how to reverse chronic illness and early ageing by realigning their environment to their biology as it was designed by evolution. This work was developed out of more than four years of in-depth research into leading-edge work that is being conducted in the fields of evolutionary health and quantum biology. Her research was driven by the desire to reverse her own chronic illness and to find a way to help others to do so.

Someone once described Gerry as the kind of person who puts her PhD in her back pocket and then gets down in the trenches with the people she works with. This was certainly true during her time as a US Air Force nurse, when her emphasis on patient care over military channels and procedures brought her accolades, along with occasionally landing her in hot water. It was also true during her 20-year research and academic career, where she was known for her “sticky note” lectures to students in her lab as she scribbled pictures on Post-It Notes to help them grasp complex concepts (while she taught them to have the courage of their convictions). And it has been true for the 18 years she’s been training people to use deep transformational skills for shifting attitudes and making behavioural changes stick.

Gerry’s varied careers have all been focused on one central purpose: making a difference in the lives of others. That’s what gets her up in the morning. That and enjoying the English countryside with her partner and being barefoot in the grass as much as possible!